I am planning on sharing my hotel room with another attendee. Do I still need to purchase two "Solo Room" tickets?
No, if you're planning on sharing a room with a friend or significant other you can purchase one Solo Room ticket and one Local Pass. Make sure you state in the checkout notes the name of the Local Pass attendee and if you'd prefer a king bed or two queen beds. 


How many tickets are available to purchase?
The workshop will have no more than 40 attendees total. This number may vary based on specific workshop locations.


When is the last day I’m able to purchase tickets?
The last day you can purchase a ticket is when we sell out.


Will transportation be provided?
Yes, all transportation will be provided from the time the brew day starts until the final brewery tour.
How many drinks will I get during the meals?
We will provide at least 1 drink coupon per meal. Anything above that can be purchased on-site.
Are discounts offered for breakfast or purchased drinks?

There are no discounts available to our group for breakfast or for individual beers purchased on-site.