With all of the excitement revolving around our recent Online Learning Course platform switch, you may notice some changes in your customer profile as well.

To gain access to the new Learning Course website and your subscription content, please review the instructions and information provided below for a better understanding of these modifications.

Step 1. Go to: https://learn.beerandbrewing.com/

Step 2. On the upper right corner of the homepage click on "Login/Register"

Step 3. Enter the E-mail address associated with your subscription. 
Step 4. Check your email for the verification code (Should look like the screenshot below):
Step 5. Once the verification code has been entered, you should now be logged in. 
Step 6. Click on the arrow to the right of your name. A drop-down menu will show up.

Step 7. Click on "My Dashboard". This will take you to the available learning courses. 


                                        You're all set, enjoy the content!