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Editor's note about Fall/Winter 2023:

"A bit of housekeeping, for the sake of clarity: You may see that we’ve dubbed this the Winter/Fall 2023 issue, a strange amalgam for a quarterly magazine, but there’s a reason behind it. Our small team publishes two quarterly magazines—the Brewing Industry Guide and the one you’re reading now. By design, our Best in Beer issue ought to be our last of the year. To make that work in 2023, and to time certain issues for events such as the Craft Brewers Conference, we engaged in some scheduling gymnastics—we produced back-to-back issues of the Brewing Industry Guide, then back-to-back issues of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. If you subscribe to both, you may have noticed that you received the Fall and Winter 2023 issues of the Brewing Industry Guide before this issue: now, you’ll receive two issues in a row of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. 

To fix this for 2024 and beyond, and to release issues at their optimal times, we’re adjusting the schedule and seasonal names of our issues. So, the next issue of this magazine you receive, in late February, will be Spring 2024, followed by Summer, Fall, and Winter 2024. Rest assured; you’ll receive the same number of issues every year. Nothing changes except a bit of issue timing and naming.