Q: How do I access my BeerSmith Gold Subscription? 

Please follow this link below to access your subscription:

Redeem Your Year of BeerSmith in 3 Easy Steps | Craft Beer & Brewing (beerandbrewing.com)


Q: Where do I find the BeerSmith recipes on your website?

You can find the BeerSmith and BeerXML version of your favorite recipes in many articles on beerandbrewing.com. Below is an example of one of the recipes and where to find the download: 

We're still working on adding this feature to all of our recipes, so if you aren't finding a download for your favorite recipe please reach out to us by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. 


Here are directions from BeerSmith on how to import the recipe into the BeerSmith program after you've downloaded from our website: http://beersmith.com/help2/index.html?importing_and_exporting_files.htm