All Access Beer Reviews are a new process that allows All Access Members (commercial or homebrewers) to submit beers to our blind review process, with the guarantee that we will provide you with review panel feedback (blind panel of BJCP or Cicerone™ certified judges), editor feedback, and a score card.

All Craft Beer & Brewing judges are BJCP or Cicerone™ certified. For commercial brewers, we will publish the beer review online if it scores 85+. There is no guarantee for publication in the print magazines, but it will be considered. This will not modify or change our existing/review submission process for the magazine, just add to it.

These reviews will go through the exact same process as all published reviews with no preferential treatment. With these reviews, we are making the commitment to provide you with feedback on your beer, which can then be used to improve your process, market your beer, or just have fun!

Beer reviews will be available in your user profile on once they are completed (within 40 days of submission).

Ready to get started? Learn how to submit your beer for All Access Review.


All Access Beer Reviews are NOT required to submit commercial beers for review for the magazine. They are a guarantee that we will review your beer and provide you feedback on your beer from our editors and blind panel (in most cases we only publish ~5% of submitted beer).

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