Step 1. Go to: 

Step 2. On the upper right corner of the homepage click on "Login/Register"

Step 3. Enter the E-mail address associated with your subscription. 

Step 4. Check your email for the verification code (Should look like the screenshot below):

Step 5. Once the verification code has been entered, you should now be logged in. 

Step 6. Click on the arrow to the right of your E-mail address. A drop-down menu will show up.

Step 7. Your active subscriptions will automatically show under the "Subscriptions Tab" click "Manage Subscription" on the one that you'd like to change the address for.


Step 8. A smaller window will pop up. You will see an option for "Billing & Shipping Addresses". Simply click on the "Billing" or "shipping" address option (or both!) and enter your new address(es)! You're done!