Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® has an established group of contributors like Stan Hieronymus, Randy Mosher, Kate Bernot, Jeff Alworth, and others, who are among the best in the business. As such, there is not much room in any given year for additional contributions, and accepted pitches are very infrequent. However, if you’re one of those who can get deeply technical when writing about brewing without losing sight of the story, use sources for original reporting, and cover the beer industry in a serious way—by all means, drop us a line with an idea. Pitches not related directly to the brewing process (say, beer travel or beer culture) will not be considered. Please don’t waste your time, or ours, with story pitches to justify a press junket. For our writers who get assignments, we agree in advance to a flat fee, and we have paid promptly and reliably upon publication since our first issue in 2014.

Please direct pitches to Editorial Director Jamie Bogner at: 

along with Managing Editor Joe Stange at:

Each issue of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® focuses on a style or set of styles for the feature package and review section. You can view our editorial calendar for deadlines and styles to be reviewed.