If you've submitted your beer (or beverage) for review to our panel, you will receive updates along the way via your customer profile. Below is an explanation of the updates you will see and what they mean. 


“Submitted” means you’ve filled out the form but we haven’t received the beer submission yet.

“Received” means the beer submission has been received at the office.
After a few weeks of a beer being submitted but not received, we’ll change the status to “Not Received” to let you know that we didn’t receive it, and now don’t expect to.
In the event a beer arrives in a condition where we can’t review it, we’ll set the status to “Damaged in Transit, Not Reviewing” for beer that arrives in good shape, there are a few possible next steps:

“Queued for Review” means we have it scheduled for a review session.

“Duplicate, Recently Reviewed” means we’re not going to review it because we’ve already reviewed it within the past year.

“Holding for Future Issue” means, for example. that you sent us a beer that we think will keep until the review sessions for that style later in the year (usually sour beers or imperial stouts).

“Tasted, Not Reviewing” means, for example. that you sent us four beers, we tasted all of them, selected one or two to queue for review, and put the remainder into this category that won’t be scored by our blind review panel. Beers that are queued for review then move through more stages:

“Reviewed” means our blind judges have tasted and rated the beer, but we haven’t yet finished the review.

“Review Edited” means we’ve taken the judges’ and editors’ thoughts and edited them into the final review.

“Published” means the review has been posted to beerandbrewing.com